Are your people exhausted, overwhelmed, or in active burnout at work? They (and you) deserve better!


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Our unique working sessions are thoughtfully designed to teach your people ways to move out of fight or flight mode and into cultivating mindfulness, sparking self-discovery, and access creative problem-solving.

We offer Group as well as 1-on-1 Burnout Courses and Coaching rooted in mindful movement and human-centered, design thinking so each individual can tap into real tools to navigate leadership, business, and career decisions from a place of balance, wellness, and wholeness.

About The Founder

Hi, I’m Sarah.

As an innovation facilitator, I have 20+ years of experience leading business professionals and teams to success. As a mindfulness mentor, I have been guiding individuals back into their bodies through yoga and dance for just as long.

Now I’m on a mission to teach people what stress and burnout do to our bodies and minds and find ways to move beyond fight or flight mode – one mindful moment at a time. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

Dreamgarten | Career, Leadership, Business Consulting | Mindful Mentorship Through Design Thinking, Self Discovery, Yoga, and Dance
Sarah Waylett, Founder | Dreamgarten | Career, Leadership, Business Consulting | Mindful Mentorship Through Design Thinking, Self Discovery, Yoga, and Dance

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What We Believe

At Dreamgarten, we believe that by changing the way we work, we can recover from burnout and prevent it from happening again. We believe defining success should start with each individual’s own well-being. Our purpose is to help people find their way out of fight or flight mode and into a place of safety and connection so they can make better leadership, business, and career decisions.

Everyone deserves to bring their whole selves to work.

Everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and respected.

Everyone deserves more mindfulness in every moment.

Everyone deserves to navigate decisions with the right tools.

Everyone deserves to flourish in the workplace.

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"Sarah listened to me to understand my personal situation and challenged me (in new ways) to really think about what motivated me. That allowed me to create goals and aspirations that were personal to me and my situation. Working with Sarah has enriched my career, my life and my happiness."

Jill Jones Karnyski | Senior Manager, Accenture

"With Dreamgarten and Sarah’s approach to design thinking, we not only voiced our dreams and desires, we also created and mapped a plan to help us get there. Often, with services like these, I find it difficult to truly engage different learning styles - but this was certainly a unique approach that really met and complemented each learner."

AJA Price | founder, Notably, HER

"Working with Sarah and Dreamgarten was transformational for me. It allowed me to connect with a more authentic part of myself — to discover what I dream of doing. In a refreshing twist, she also provided tactical takeaways for how to execute next steps and move even closer to achieving that new authentic goal."

Mackenzie Carignan, PhD

"As an entrepreneur, I have had to figure so many things out for my business through trial and error. It wasn't until my involvement with Sarah and Dreamgarten that I learned I had the answers I seeked all along — I just lacked the peace of mind and inspiration to access them. Sarah provided a set of tools that helped me find my next best steps."

Kate Horner | Owner and Oracle, The Oracle's Message